Johnston Reef talk

Matthew Johnston, Ph.D.

On May 9, 2017 Halmos Research Scientist and NSU alumnus Matthew Johnston, Ph.D. presented an hour long talk about using a 3D computer model to forecast the dispersal of non-native fishes in their invaded regions. This talk, held at the Reef Environmental Education Foundation in Key Largo, Florida, discussed how the 3D model has been used to describe marine invasions globally, including lionfish, regal damsel, and panther grouper in the Atlantic and non-native snapper and grouper in Hawaii. The model can also offer insight into the hydrographic connectivity of the Gulf of Mexico.

While presenting to REEF, Fish and Friends, the BBC filmed portions of Dr. Johnston’s talk and conducted a one on one interview with the BBC. This interview will be featured in a BBC-produced documentary about the lionfish invasion to be aired at a later date.

Johnston BBC Interview

Matthew Johnston, Ph.D. interviewed by BBC