National Geographic - This Beautiful But Destructive Fish Is Resorting to Cannibalism

Lionfish and Hurricanes

A Call to Action Against a Predator Fish With an Import Ban, App and Even Rodeos

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Lionfish beyond reach of divers worry researchers




Florida Dive Connection

Expedition Lionfish 2013, a project to study invasive lionfish off the coast of south Florida at depths beyond the limits of recreational divers, is a collaborative effort of business, government, education, and private citizens to bring new insight to the worldwide lionfish threat.

FWC Votes To Ban Breeding Of Lionfish

A picture taken on September 29, 2010 shows a Red lionfish inside the aquarium of the Dubai Mall. (Photo credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

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Nova Southeastern Researcher Invents Software to Predict Lionfish Invasion

An NSU researcher has invented software that helps predict invasion patterns of non-native species including the lionfish, a predatory species that has invaded Florida’s coastal waters as well as the Loxahatchee River.

Expedition Lionfish

The goals of our expedition, all of which were achieved or surpassed, were to:
Raise public awareness of lionfish as an invasive species;
Improve our understanding of lionfish distributions and behaviors; and
Test and evaluate methods for the lionfish remediation.